DogBone Game Recovery System
DogBone Game Recovery System

DogBone Game Recovery System




DogBone Game Recovery Training System

Moore Outdoors’ Dog Bone Game Recovery Kit effectively trains your dog, vitually any breed, to track wounded animals. The included training manual takes you step by step through conditioning your dog to pick up scent. Clip a naturally-dried RealHide™ deerhide to the drag line and drag it while dripping tracking scent along the path you want your dog to follow.

Kit includes:

  • training manual
  • one RealHide™ drag
  • 10’ drag line, drag clip
  • 2-oz. tracking scent


ieving System Kit:

    • 1 Dog Training Shed Antler
    • 2 oz. Deer Scent for Training
    • DogBone Shed Training Manual/bookle


      • Complete Shed Antler Training Kit
      • Easy way to training your hunting or sport dog to hunt for shed antlers
      • An Effective and easy to use transitional dog training dummy
      • Provides a safe and confidence building introduction to the antler shape
      • Made in the USA

      Shed Antler Size and Dimension:

      • Weight: .83 LBS
      • Size (approximately): 6.44in x 6.33in x 3 inches

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