DogBone Shed “Soft” Retrieving Antler - Moore Outdoors
DogBone Shed “Soft” Retrieving Antler - Moore Outdoors

DogBone Shed “Soft” Retrieving Antler Shed Antler Dummy – Moore Outdoors




The Original “Soft” Shed Antler Dummy by Moore Outdoors

Train your dog to find shed antlers with shed dog training kits and products Including the Shed Antler Dummy from Dog Bone. Shed antler hunting is fun and rewarding but not particularly efficient. To find shed whitetail antlers, lots of shed antlers, you need to train your dog to cover ground and find shed antlers for you. Developed by shed dog training expert Jeremy Moore the original Dog Bone shed dog training dummy makes training your dog to become a shed dog easy and rewarding.  Training your dog to find sheds using a real shed antler can result in a shed shy dog. The hard and pointy real antler can cause pain.

The soft antler dummy from Dog Bone prevents this problem.

  • Handy rope makes tossing easy without handlers scent contamination
  • Same feel as familiar training dummies
  • Realistic shed antler look and color
  • Durable, long-lasting material

Dog Bone’s soft dummy antler won’t hurt your dog

Unlike other dummy antlers or real antlers, the Dog Bone Shed Antler Dummy antler is soft! It’s made from the same durable, long-lasting material as familiar training dummies. This is important because a “hard” antler dummy can poke your dog, resulting in a bad first impression and, potentially, a shed shy dog.


ieving System Kit:

    • 1 Dog Training Shed Antler
    • 2 oz. Deer Scent for Training
    • DogBone Shed Training Manual/bookle


      • Complete Shed Antler Training Kit
      • Easy way to training your hunting or sport dog to hunt for shed antlers
      • An Effective and easy to use transitional dog training dummy
      • Provides a safe and confidence building introduction to the antler shape
      • Made in the USA

      Shed Antler Size and Dimension:

      • Weight: .83 LBS
      • Size (approximately): 6.44in x 6.33in x 3 inches

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