MoMarsh MoMarsh Boat Ramp Dog Stand – MoMarsh Boat Ramp Stand

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MoMarsh Boat Ramp Dog Stand – MoMarsh Hunting Dog Blind – Dog Ladder

The MoMarsh Boat Ramp Dog Stand helps your dog back in the or keeps him posted on a tree, dry and out of the water waiting for ducks!


  • Lightweight
  • Collapsable
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Functions as a dog boat ladder or timber stand
  • Water-draining Dura Mesh floor
  • Gunnel clamps and adjustable sidewall positioning system fit a wide range of boats in multiple locations
  • The gunnel clamps can be relocated for use as gear hooks in the timber
  • The two-stage step system makes it easier for your dog to reach the platform in deeper water
  • Weight: 15 lbs


Tree Use:

Extend the stand.

Remove gunnel clamps and/or rotate to a position that does not interfere and will give clearance for tree.

Clamps can be turned or removed by removing the D-ring pins. When reconnected and flipped upside down, these can be used as gear hooks.

Replace the pins.

Use the included ratchet strap to secure the stand to the tree by connecting the strap hooks to the eye loops located on the verticals of the dog stand. Attach so the top platform is slightly above the water surface. Note that the bottom portion of the platform will extend below the surface of the water.

Attachment to smaller trees is achieved by allowing the grabbing teeth to grab and support the bottom of the stand. You will want to adjust the angle at this point as well. Simply adjust he telescoping stops for angle adjustment on larger trees.

Boat use:

Unfold stand.

Adjust gunnel clamps to the boat position (adjusting knobs to the back when looking at the stand). This is achieved by removing the D-ring pins and turning the clamps to the appropriate direction.

Replace pins.

Hook the stand to the gunnel of the boat and use adjusting knobs to secure in place.

Adjust the stand height so the platform is just below the surface of the water by using the spring pins on the uprights of the stand.

Telescoping stops allow adjustment to the side of the boats hull and allow for angle adjustment.


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