Avery Classic Hunting Dog Training Whistle Lanyard
Avery Classic Hunting Dog Training Whistle Lanyard

Avery Classic Hunting Dog Training Whistle Lanyard




Avery Classic Hunting Dog Training Whistle Lanyard

Avery’s Classic Whistle Lanyard is the lanyard for the serious sporting dog enthusiast and handlers. Woven by hand the top grain leather will become softer and better with years of use. Features stainless steel French clips will keep your whistles secure. In a game where timing is everything, having your whistles right where you need them is crucial. With 8″ of length adjustment it will adjust to fit any handler.


Designed by professionals who understand the needs of trainers and handlers form around the globe!



  • Hand-braided leather
  • Brass matte black French clips
  • Holds two whistles


Adjustment Instructions:

  • Adjusting Strand Separation — Slide the ball up to increase strand separation and down to bring them closer together.
  • Increasing Length — Grasp either ball tightly and pull the single strand through. Repeat with the opposite side.
  • Shortening Length — Grasping the inner braid firmly and the outer sheath loosely, pull gently. Repeat with the opposite side to reach the desired length. Note: Do not hold either ball when shortening lanyard length.
  • Attaching Whistles — Squeeze the clip together and slide the whistle ring onto the hook. Release the clip and continue sliding the ring on the clip until it snaps into place.



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