Avery Boaters Dog Vest
Avery Boaters Dog Vest

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Avery Boaters Dog Parka Avery Boaters Dog Vest

Avery Boaters Dog Vest Features Exclusive grab handles!

Avery Boaters Dog Parka for when taking your waterfowl dog out for a hunt on a chilly day, it is important to decrease your dog?s risk of developing canine hypothermia. ?Even when temperatures seem moderate, a wet dog on a windy day can easily succumb to the elements and become dangerously ill. ?The Avery Boaters Dog Vest is an innovative product that keeps your dog warm, safe, and full of energy.

Ten years in the making, the Avery Boaters Dog Vest has been designed with the needs of hunters in mind. ?The vest, which is comprised of DuraStretch fabric over 5 mm of neoprene and closed cell foam, traps your dog?s body heat in his or her core, reducing shivering. ?The vest also serves as a flotation device, ensuring your pet remains safe while performing his or her job. ?Exclusive grab handles located on the back of the vest help the hunter pull the dog into the boat with greater ease. ?

Other features include sewn-in webbing harness, as well as D-rings that eliminate the need for a collar. ?The harness is easy to put on your dog and contains a #10 molded zipper, as well as a cold weather pull tab for greater ease. ?The tapered cut allows for superior body coverage, and the six available sizes can be adjusted to fit any dog.


  • DuraStretch outer
  • 5 mm neoprene
  • 16 cubic inches closed cell foam
  • Grab handles
  • D-rings for tags/leash
  • Zippered construction
  • Full length zipper cover
  • Adjustable
  • Tapered cut
  • Tacked seams

Sizing Information:

  • Small: 15″ neck- 24″ chest
  • Medium: 17″ neck- 26″ chest
  • Large: 18″ neck- 28″ chest
  • XL: 19″ neck- 31″ chest
  • 2XL: 20″ neck- 33″ chest
  • 3XL: 21″ neck 35″ chest