Avery Dogsorber Wet Dry Dog Towel Shammy Cloth
Avery Dogsorber Wet Dry Dog Towel Shammy Cloth

Avery Dogsorber Wet Dry Dog Towel Shammy Cloth




Avery ASD Dogsorber – Dog Towel

When out in the field, having an absorbent towel on hand is always a good idea. Dogs should always be dried after water retrieves, particularly when the weather is cold, in order to keep dangerous illnesses such as hypothermia at bay. Even in warm weather, drying your dog can keep your pet from overheating in the kennel and can also prevent your vehicle from becoming damp and smelling like a wet dog.

The Avery Dogsorber is a highly absorbent sponge that will dry your dog in a fraction of the time as normal towels or rags. This product is comprised of synthetic sponge material, PVA, and can absorb up to 12 times its weight in water. ?Besides being able to quickly dry your dog, the Avery Dogsorber is also easy to clean: simply wash this item in the washing machine.

In addition to drying your dog, the Avery Dogsorber can be used to soak up water from any wet surface, including hunting equipment, waders, and boat seats. ?Keep one Avery Dogsorber in your truck for drying your dog in the field, and another one at home for drying your dog after a bath. ?Before first use, rinse the sponge thoroughly with warm water for best results.


    • Made from PVA
    • Absorbs 12x its weight in water
    • Machine washable
    • Versatile
  • 26??L x 17??W

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