Avery DriStor Vacationer 40 lb
Avery DriStor Vacationer 40 lb.. Dog Food Bag

Avery DriStor Vacationer 40 lb.. Dog Food Bag

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Avery DriStor Vacationer 40 lb. Dog Food Bag

Avery DriStor Dog Food Bags are perfect for storing your dog food while you’re on the road. Keeps food dry and fresh in any condition with the air tight roll-up closure and welded seams. This bag is constructed with durable DuraMax and features a?see-through window.?Available in two sizes to meet your needs. The “Weekender” holds 20 pounds, which is perfect if you are on a weekend-long hunting trip. For those longer trips, the Vacationer is your best bet. It holds a whopping 40 pounds of food, so your hunting pal won’t go hungry!

  • 90 cup capacity
  • Roll top for freshness
  • Perfect for hunting trips, trials & hunt tests
  • PVC backed DuraMax fabric
  • Welded seams for air-tight storage

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