Avery Finisher Gun Sling
Avery Finisher Gun Sling

Avery Finisher Gun Sling




Avery Finisher Gun Sling

Slings are a great accessory for any long gun. Finisher slings have a wide construction and ABT cushions for extra comfort.

An excellent way to transport your firearm, the Avery Outdoors Power Hunter Gun Sling has been manufactured to be a superb gun sling for almost any rifle owner. A good firearm sling is going to lessen the muscle weariness and stress that is connected with transporting a firearm with no sling. And thanks the Avery Outdoors Power Hunter Gun Sling, there’s never been a better way to give your arms an escape. Avery Outdoors has elevated the gun sling niche for an incredibly long period of time, and the Avery Outdoors Power Hunter Gun Sling is the result of their resolve for making sure you have the most effective sling for all your shooting specifications. Should you be looking for a great way to carry your weapon into just about any situation, purchase the Avery Outdoors Power Hunter Gun Sling.


• Stretchable neoprene sling

• 6 ABT™ comfort cushions

• Tough DuraStretch™ facing

• Non-Slip rubberized backing

• Locking swivels

• Heavy-Duty webbing strap

• Ergonomic thumb loop

• Adjustable to 48” in length

• KW-1®, BuckBrush®, Marsh Grass®, and Black



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