Avery GHG Duck or Pheasant Training Scent


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Avery GHG Duck or Pheasant Training Scent

Avery Dog Training Scent GHG Duck or Pheasant Training Scent

Training scent is an indispensable tool for training dogs to use their noses, particularly waterfowl- and upland hunting dogs.  A good training scent product will be highly concentrated, made from natural ingredients, and will get your dog excited about your game bird of choice.

Avery Training Scents are available in two options:  duck and pheasant.  These highly concentrated liquids can be injected into or rubbed onto bumpers, dummies, or any training implement.  Scent training is useful for teaching young dogs how to hone in on the appropriate game, while established hunting dogs can benefit from scent drills in the off-season.


  • 4 oz
  • Highly concentrated
  • Duck or Pheasant