Avery HexaBumper Large
Avery HexaBumper 2" - Orange (6-pk) - Dog Training Bumpers

Avery HexaBumper Large 3″ Orange Dog Training Bumper

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Avery HexaBumper Large Orange Retriever Training Dummy

Round bumpers have a number of disadvantages, such as promoting a hard mouth and being difficult for dogs-in-training to handle.  Avery Hexabumpers large size dummy overcomes these disadvantages by promoting a soft mouth, thanks to firm material and a unique 6-sided design.  

There are two bumper diameters available:  2’’ and 3’’.  The 3’’ diameter is better suited for larger puppies / dogs, or those who have progressed in their training and are learning how to handle larger objects.

Each of the six flat sides of the Avery Orange Hexabumper has raised VGrips, which improve your dog’s ability to hold onto the bumper while also promoting a soft mouth.  Dogs are discouraged from biting down hard thanks to firm construction.  The design is leak-proof and will not take on water, ensuring the product’s durability.

Also included is a 10’’ floating throw rope for longer throws.


  • 6 flat sides
  • Raised VGrips for soft mouth
  • Valveless design
  • Firm feel
  • 10’’ floating throw rope


  • 3’’ x 10’’
  • 10 ounces
  • Orange