Avery Bumper Bag – Bird Bag


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Avery Bumper Bag – Bird Bag

When you train in remote areas, carrying all of your gear – particularly small items like birds and bumpers – can be a hassle. ?Most bird and bumper bags only have space for a few items, but the Avery Bumper Bag / Bird Bag will enable you to easily carry thirty 2″ bumpers to your destination. 

The Avery Bumper / Bird Bag boasts a new and improved design that is more durable than previous models. ?Whether you are carrying bumpers, real birds, or Avery EZ Birds, you will have plenty of space for transporting your training supplies while also managing your dog and other training equipment. ?The front of the bag is comprised of vinyl-coated, breathable mesh that provides ventilation for birds and prevents wet bumpers from developing mildew. ?The solid vinyl back of the bag keeps your back dry when wet bumpers are returned to the bag. ?Zippered pockets on the top and side of the Avery Bumper / Bird Bag hold small items such as your keys, whistle, and training treats. ?Finally, the bag is complete with two carry handles and a detachable shoulder strap that improves comfort and portability.


    • Vinyl-coated mesh construction
    • Breathable
    • Solid vinyl back
    • Two carry handles
    • Detachable shoulder strap
    • Zippered top and side pockets
    • Expandable side pocket
    • Holds 30, 2″ bumpers

Use this bag for all your training gear that needs to be aired-out! Breathable material make this bag great for any items that you need to air-out or allow to breath.

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