Dokken Dead Fowl Mallard
Dokken Dead Fowl Mallard

Dokken Dead Fowl Mallard Training Duck Dummie

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Dokken Dead Fowl Mallard Dog Training Duck

One of the greatest struggles in retriever training is teaching your dog to have a soft mouth while also preventing the urge to shake the bird. The Dokken Dead Fowl Mallard Trainer helps you kill two birds with one stone by enabling you to work on retrieves and mouth skills with this one simple training tool.

The Dokken DeadFowl Mallard – like the entire DeadFowl trainer product line – is made to look and feel like a real, dead, Mallard duck. The body of the Dokken Dead Fowl Mallard is composed of soft, natural feel foam that can be injected with scent. The head of the DeadFowl Mallard is free-swinging from the body and made from hard plastic. This design ensures your dog picks up the bird’s body while discouraging shaking, which will result in a hard hit on the nose by the plastic head.

The Dokken DeadFowl Trainer Mallard has the same weight and distribution as a real dead duck, adding to the realism. ?Better yet, this training tool floats in water, even when the body is punctured. Body is scent inject-able. So, increase the realism of your training by adding Dokken’s Waterfowl Scent to your Deadfowl birds. If you prefer not to inject scent, you can use Dokken’s Waterfowl Scent Wax to the surface of your dummies to add to your raining realism as well.

If you are looking the most realistic training tool on the market, this is it! 


  • Realistic design

  • Scent inject-able foam body

  • Durable

  • Floats

  • Hard, free-swinging head prevents shaking

  • Realistic weight


  • Made in the USA

  • 18″ x 5″

  • 1.25 lbs

  • Green, white, grey, orange, yellow coloring


Shop now for your Dokken dead fowl trainer mallard duck dummy. For a smaller version of the Dokken Mallard, check out the Mini Dokken Mallard.


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