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SportDog Roy Gonia The Answer Whistle





Roy Gonia The Answer Whistle – The Answer Whistle by SportDog

The Roy Gonia The Answer Whistle by SportDOG combines the trusted functionality of the Roy Gonia Clear Competition Whistle without Pea with a mega phone design.

This whistle is the perfect answer for:

  • Hunters who train in cold and wet conditions, who prefer the non-freezing properties of a pea-less whistle.
  • Hunters who prefer a penetrating tone versus a trilled sound
  • Hunters who require a loud sound in the field while protecting their hearing
  • Hunters who require the functionality of the world?s most popular retriever training whistle but hunt/train in cold climates
  • Hunters who train over long distances

The SportDOG Roy Gonia Answer Whistle is designed for the hunter who prefers the sound and functionality of a pealess whistle.? No more freezing or sputtering in wet conditions due to a frozen pea!? It is perfect for use during long retrieves, field trials, or hunt tests.? Additionally, thanks to the mega phone design you can increase the volume of the whistle without expending extra energy or wasting your breath.

If your dog knows verbal commands, teaching your pet to obey a whistle is quick and easy.? Using a whistle is often preferable to voice commands, as the whistle is consistent, loud, and the sound carries farther than most people can yell.? If you require long range and durability in extreme weather conditions, the SportDOG Roy Gonia Answer Whistle is right for you.


  • Easy-to-blow
  • No pea
  • Great for ultra-long distance
  • High-pitched sound
  • Will not freeze


  • Orange and clear
  • Ring for lanyard attachment