Avery Rope Lanyard
Avery Rope Lanyard - Camo

Avery Rope Lanyard – Camo




Avery Rope Lanyard – Camo

The Avery GHG Camo Rope Call Lanyard is a new affordable, but very functional Call Lanyard for your duck and goose calls. Very comfortable to wear! This Avery Rope Lanyard keeps up to four of your favorite calls close at hand.


Made of a comfortable, neutral tri-colored rope with four single loops.


This lanyard has 4 loops, and it can be used to single-loop 4 calls or hold 3 calls with one in the center double-looped.  This lanyard is made from camo rope for durability and comfort.

The two outside loops are adjustable, allowing you to customize it for call placement.






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