Bull Valley Retrievers, Training Session

Bull Valley Retrievers Training Session – First Session Only (In-Home Local)




Bull Valley Retrievers, Training Session

Please pay for your first in-home local training session only here.

Our goal is to form your dog into the best retriever it can be. By keeping in mind that all dogs are not created equal, some dogs may never be the next Field Champion, but that your dog has been trained to the extent of its natural ability.

Our dog training regimen is tailored as per your request and can provide dog training for your next Companion Gun Dog or Hunt Test Champion. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Items to have at session:

  • Leash
  • Training Collar

We have training collars available, if you do not have one.

Remember all training client purchases receive a discount when purchased at HuntEmUp.com or Bull Valley Retrievers!


Joe Scarpy – Owner / Dog Trainer

One-on-One Training Cancellation Policy:

If your cancellation is at least 36 hours in advance of your lesson, you will receive a credit for the session. If your cancellation is less than 36 hours in advance, you will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to your session. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Please understand that we have clients that want to book training and we can fill our openings. If you cancel your session less than 36 hours from the scheduled time it is not only hard for us to fill, but for other clients to rearrange their schedules due to such a short notice.