BurzOff - Burr Removal Tool
BurzOff - Burr Removal Tool

BurzOff – Burr Removal Tool




BurzOff – Burr Removal Tool

BurzOff – Burr Removal Tool – Remove Burrs from Your Clothing With Ease!

Although similar, the FurzOff and BurzOff are actually different in shape to allow for the removal of Burrs and for the removal of Fur from almost any material of fabric.  The most amazing thing about both of these products is that they are made out of recycled beer bottles.  These bottles are melted down and a foaming agent added to the molten glass, creating the texture required letting the Furz-off and Burz-off products do the job that they were created for…removing Burrs and removing Furr!

BurzOff is the world’s first and only tool specifically designed to remove Cockleburs, Beggar’s Lice and all common burs from your clothing…in just seconds!

For best results, brush burs off clothes while you are still wearing them to keep clothing taut.

USA made.



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