Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp

Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp by SOLVIT

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Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp by SOLVIT

SOLVIT Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp

When tall structures, such as fully extended vehicles, are out of reach for your pet, your dog can injure itself when trying to jump to or from the structure.  Manually lifting a dog is not always feasible, nor is transporting bulky pet steps everywhere you go.  Instead, the Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp is a great solution when your dog needs to safely access an area that is far from the ground.  

The Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp is the longest ramp offered by Solvit.  The ramp measures 47’’ at the shortest length, and 87’’ at the longest length.  When fully extended, the Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp is 42% bigger than the next largest ramp, the Deluxe Telescoping Ramp.  Despite the longer length, this ramp weighs only 18 lbs yet can support over 300 lbs while remaining structurally sound!  The aluminum and plastic design provides strength and reliability, while the compact design makes this product easy to transport and store.  The telescoping feature allows for the ramp to be lengthened up to 87’’, and a safety release latch prevents the ramp from accidentally extending while in use.  Other safety features include a high traction walking surface and non-skid rubber feet.   A carrying handle makes this product easy to transport.


  • Telescoping design
  • Overall dimensions:  47’’ – 87’’ long x 20’’ wide x 4’’ high
  • High traction walking surface
  • Weighs 18 lbs
  • Supports 300+ lbs
  • Will not buckle or wobble
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Safety release latch
  • Carrying handle

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