Dokken Dog Training Drone

Dokken Dog Training Drone with GPS TD100



Dokken Dog Training Drone with GPS TD100- The Most Realistic Training Tool In The World!

Training a waterfowl dog has never been easier, thanks to the newest advance in gundog training, the Dokken Dog Training Drone.

One of the hardest things for a retriever to learn is to look up into the sky.  While a dummy launcher can simulate a hunt by causing a dead bird or dummy to fall from the sky, it causes the dog to look forward instead of appropriately simulating the conditions of a real hunt.  The Dokken Dog Training Drone provides better control of the training environment by allowing the hunter to drop dummies and game birds from the air in a reliable and predictable manner.  When combined with a shotgun report, the simultaneous sound and dropping action gives your dog an experience that is as close to a real hunt as possible.

In addition to aiding retrieves, the Dokken Dog Training Drone can help improve your dog’s ability to track scents.  For instance, a rag doused in training scent can be attached to the drone and then drug 10 – 12 feet to create a trail for your dog to track.  At the end of the trail, the rag can be dropped from the drone for your dog to retrieve, saving you any additional work while also ensuring your dog is tracking the game scent, not your human scent.

The Dokken Dog Training Drone is easy to use.  Learning how to fly this device requires as little as 5 minutes. In addition to dummies and birds, the drone can also carry up to two Dokken Deadfowl Trainers.  To create a realistic hunting scenario, the drone can be flown in the same pattern as a real bird before the game bird or dummy is dropped, which teaches dogs to look into the sky to recognize birds.  No other tool compares for reinforcing steadiness, marking, sitting to flush, and trailing.

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Easy to use

Holds / Releases dummies and game birds

Carries up to 2 Dokken Deadfowl Trainers

Recreates realistic training scenarios

GPS control

Learn to fly with these instructional videos 

Please note that there is a 40% restocking fee on this item if returned for a refund. All Warranty issues must go through Dokken Dog Supply Directly.