Training Pinch Collar
Dokken's Pro Training Pinch / Prong Collar

Dokken Pro Training Pinch Collar – Training Prong Collar





Dokken’s Pro Dog Training Pinch Collar – Dog Training Prong Collar

Dokken’s Pro Training Pinch Collar or Training Prong Collar is an excellent?dog training tool. Dog choke chains are an effective and humane training product when used correctly and assists in dog control. Staying in control is a big part of dog training and without the correct tools , control can be lost very quickly.

This is the one tool that starts it all! Obedience is the benchmark of all field / Trial work.

High-quality Prong Collars are chrome-plated for durability and resistance to rust and tarnishing. These great training aids provide an effective and safe alternative to choke chains. These prong collars are ruggedly constructed of electronically welded steel for added strength. Guaranteed not to rust, tarnish or break.

These are high quality training collars that will last! These are the same type that have been used for years, by Pro Trainers around the world.



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