DT Systems Super Pro Dummy Launcher Kit

DT Systems Super Pro Dummy Launcher Kit

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Super Pro Dummy Launcher Kit by DT Systems

There are three general ways to teach your dog marking and retrieving skills: ?throwing dummies by hand, using expensive and cumbersome bird launchers / wingers, or utilizing a convenient and portable handheld launcher, like the DT Systems Super Pro Dummy Launcher Kit. ?

With the DT Systems Super Pro Dummy Launcher Kit, hunters are able to easily overcome the limitations of the other two methods. ?For instance, hand-throwing dummies not only leaves a hunter?s arm tired and sore, but also prevents long retrieves. ?Bird launchers or wingers can be difficult to set up in the field, and without expensive remote electronics require a second or third person to help operate the launcher while the hunter controls his or her dog(s). ?However, a hand launcher allows for dummies to safely and easily be launched short or long distances conveniently by one person. ?

The DT Systems Super Pro Dummy Launcher Kit has an additional advantage over the aforementioned methods. ?A .22 caliber blank launching load issues the sound of a bang in conjunction with the launch, which better replicates the conditions that would be experienced by your dog during an actual hunt. ?By adjusting the flight angle and the strength of the blank, both long and short retrieves can be achieved.

This hand launcher has a solid aluminum frame, which is durable and built to last. ?Unlike other launchers, broken parts will never be a problem. ?Also unlike other launchers, this system has drastically reduced recoil due to the dual ported stainless steel barrel. ?An integrated shell ejector eliminates the need to pull shells out of the product after every launch. ?In addition, the DT Systems Super Pro Dummy Launcher Kit is easy to clean and maintain. ?The entire kit includes the launcher, earplugs, 2 additional o-rings, and a DT Super Pro Series Feather-Weight Launcher Dummy.


  • Reduced recoil
  • Dual ported stainless steel barrel
  • Shell ejector
  • Aluminum frame
  • Will not rust
  • Aluminum locking safety lever
  • Shock absorbing recoil pad
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Self-contained firing pin

Dummy Features:

Not all dummies are dumb. The finest launcher dummies you’ll find on the market, our Feather-Weight Launcher Dummies are wrapped in the highest quality 1000 denier nylon Cordura fabric.

Specially coated, the fabric repels water, resists mold growth, gives longer life, and has excellent scent-holding qualities. Now that’s one smart dummy!



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