DT Systems Super Pro e-Lite Trainer SPT2430

DT Systems Super Pro e-Lite Trainer SPT2430


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DT Systems Super Pro e-Lite Trainer SPT2430

Nick, Constant, Jump and Rise Stimulation options; Positive Vibration; Beeper/Locator; Waterproof collar & Transmitter; 1.3 mile range

The Super Pro e-Lite Trainer series is new and improved! With awesome ground-breaking features, it’s no wonder the SPT series collars are what the pros depend on.

Jump. Rise. Two words that will revolutionize the dog training industry, and only available in the new DT electronic dog training collars.

When your dog is not responding to the normal intensity setting, Jump Stimulation is preprogrammed to make the collar instantly ?jump? to a different intensity level when the Jump button is pressed.

Rise Stimulation will gradually increase the intensity level as long as the Rise button is being pressed.

Built-in Beeper/Locator feature included!


* NEW Jump feature allows you to instantly “jump” to a predetermined intensity level.
* NEW rise feature gradually increases stimulation level the longer you hold down the “rise” button.
* Beeper/Locator
* Digital technology
* Up to 1.3 mil range
* Lightweight waterproof collar and transmitter
* LCD screen disply on the transmitter
* 50 levels of intensity, adjustable from the transmitter
* Patented MAXX-Range internal collar antenna
* Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
* Adjustable for low level Gentle Touch Stimulation
* Built-in safety shut-off system
* Positive Vibration
* Nick & Constant stimulation


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