Garmin PT 10 Dog Device Add-on

Garmin PT 10 Dog Device Add-on Pro Series Additional Collar

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Garmin PT 10 Dog Device Add-on

The Garmin PT 10 Dog Device Add-on for when you want to add a dog to an existing Garmin PRO 70 / 550 or Sport PRO electronic training system, you do not have to purchase an additional remote transmitter to receive a second collar.  Instead, the Garmin PT 10 Dog Device Add-on Dog Collar Device is compatible with each of these devices (Garmin PRO 550, Garmin PRO 70, Garmin Sport PRO).

The Garmin PT 10 Dog Device Add-on Dog Collar Device can be used to train up to 6 dogs using a single PRO 70 handheld transmitter.  For the PRO 550 or Sport PRO, up to 3 dogs can be trained with the purchase of each additional collar.  

The Garmin PT 10 Dog Device has built-in BarkLimiter technology that is activated on the collar.   This function features Autorise technology that provides electronic stimulation at the lowest level when barking is detected, and the corrective stimulation automatically increases until barking has ceased.  This device also has an impressive 1-mile range that is not compromised by multiple collars being used via a single transmitter at once.  

When training in low-light conditions, remote-controlled beacon lights on the dog device can be especially useful.  These bright LED lights increase your dog’s visibility, giving you peace of mind while in the field.  

Like all Garmin sportdog products, the PT 10 Dog Device is built to withstand all forms of abuse encountered during dog training.  Interchangeable, stainless steel, insulated contact points are included in two different lengths that can be used in wet conditions, or for your dog’s extended comfort.  This collar is water-resistant to 1 atm.  Included in the box is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has a long battery life.  An indicator on the dog device alerts you to when the battery needs to be recharged, ensuring you never run out of juice at an inopportune moment.


  • Compatible with Garmin PRO 70 / 550 or Sport PRO Systems
  • Train up to 6 dogs with Garmin PRO 70
  • Control up to 3 dogs with Garmin PRO 550
  • Maintain up to 3 dogs with Garmin Sport PRO
  • 1 mile range
  • Built in BarkLimiter with Autorise technology
  • Interchangeable contact points
  • Remote-controlled LED beacon lights on collar
  • Water-resistant to 1 atm
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery life indicator on dog device
  • Color-coded pairing with PRO 70 / PRO 550 / Sport PRO

Add an extra dog to your Garmin PRO 550. Also compatible as a replacement or additional collar for PRO 70, or Sport PRO systems. Replacement or add-on collar/receiver for Delta XC or Delta Sport XC