Gunners Up Retired Gunner


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Gunners Up Retired Gunner

Are you looking for a reliable way to test whether your dog is marking the fall of the bird, or simply relying on the visual cue of the gunner?? A retired gunner is the best way to test your dog?s ability, and the Gunners Up Retired Gunner package provides the tools that you need to train on retired guns.? If your dog is struggling with making the right marks, the retired gunner can help you teach your dog to focus on the fall of the bird, not the thrower.

Included in the Retired Gunner set is the Gunners Up Adjustable Height Stick Man, the Retired Gunner Electronic Release, and the Retired Gunner Blind.?

To use this set simply place the stick man (equipped with the electronic release, compatible with Dog-Tra and Tri-Tonic electronics, sold separately) behind the camouflaged retired gunner blind.? Hang a shirt on the adjustable stickman t-bar, and then press the release button when you want your gunner to ?retire,? and it will fall behind the blind.?

The stickman is patent-pending for its unique adjustability, with height settings of 47, 58, 70, and 82 inches.? This stickman is perfect for someone with limited space or cargo room, with dimensions of only 47 inches long and 5 inches wide when folded.?

?The Retired Gunner Electronic Release uses the same great electronics that Gunners Up is known for, complete with plug and play compatibility with Dog-Tra and Tri-Tronic/Garmin electronics.? The Electronic Release is remote-controlled, giving you full command of when the t-bar from the stickman is released.?

Finally, the Retired Gunner Blind conceals your retired gunner, and can be easily staked into the ground and the width? adjusted to your specifications.? This easy and affordable set up is the perfect accompaniment for your retriever?s training.?


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