Invisilab Dog Blind Dog Stand – MoMarsh Hunting Dog Blind




Invisilab Dog Blind Dog Stand – MoMarsh Hunting Dog Blind

The INVISILAB Dog Blind is the most versatile dog blind ever introduced to the waterfowling world.  Unlike other dog blinds on the market, it keeps your retriever hidden and comfortable in the field OR on the water with settings of up to 34 inches of water depth.  The independently adjustable legs make it the most stable dog stand on the market.  In addition to that, it functions as a comfortable crate for transport to and from the field.  It is also a great training tool for the off season and for use as an around the house climb.

  • Portable – Mobile – Lightweight
  • Only dog blind that works in the field and in water – depths to 34”.
  • Keeps your dog out of mud and off frozen ground as a field blind
  • Blind is built into the stand.
  • Can be zipped shut to function as a crate for transport.
  • Additonal feature is that the Invisilab blind is that it functions as a place to store gear in the marsh out of the water (blind bags, lunch,batteries, etc.).
  • Mesh bottom drains and provides slip proof footing.
  • Individually adjustable legs give it great stability in deeper water
  • Excellent training tool
  • Patent pending
  • Kennel Dimensions: 31 inches in length; 24 inches in width; 21 inches in height
  • Legs extend from 24 inches to 34 inches in length.


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