Kicks Howler Choke Tube
Kicks Howler Ported Choke Tube 12 Gauge

Kicks Howler Ported Choke Tube 12 Gauge




Kicks Howler Choke Tube 12 Gauge – Kicks Howler Ported Choke Tube

Kick’s Industries is proud to introduce the new “Howler” predator chokes. The Kicks Howler Choke Tube is specifically designed for predator/coyote hunting.

The “Howler” will deliver very tight patterns at long distances. You can expect a 20″ to 25″ pattern at 40 yards.

“Howler” chokes are offered in two sizes. The “Howler H” is designed for the HeviShot “Dead Coyote” loads while the “Howler L” is designed to be used with either coated or non-coated lead buckshot, specifically #1 or #4 buckshot.

“Howler” chokes feature the Kick’s extended/ported design and are manufactured in the USA using PH17-4 grade stainless steel with a blackened finish.

“Howler” chokes are currently available for most 12g shotguns.

Other gauges will be introduced soon.


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