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Lucky Launcher II Basic Kit

The Lucky Launcher II Basic Kit includes everything you need to begin using your shoulder mounted launcher immediately. With this kit there is no need to search for the best dummy or ammunition, as both are provided for you.

The Retriev-R-Trainer Lucky Launcher II Basic Kit includes:

  • Retriev-R-Trainer Lucky Launcher II

  • Retriev-R-Trainer White Canvas Dummy

  • 100 Medium Vawter Ammunition Blanks

  • Operating Manual

The Retriev-R-Trainer Lucky Launcher II can be mounted on the shoulder or thigh to launch dummies with a single hand. This launcher loosely resembles a shotgun and adds an extra level of realism to your dog’s training. The launching mechanism is controlled by pistol grip action. Like the RRT Hand Launcher, the Lucky Launcher II also issues a gunshot report. 

Newly added to the Lucky Launcher are a 2 piece collapsible stock for improved portability, as well as high grade e-coating that seals the stock. The head is made from cast aluminum while the barrel is machined from aluminum stock, both of which eliminate the risk of rust or corrosion. The firing pin is machined from stainless steel and a brass seat prevents residue in the handle. Self closing thumb latch allows for simple, one handed control.

My 14 month old lab goes nuts when she sees this come out ! She was getting bored with the hand thrown dummies to the point of not retrieving them all the time . Now we can work on staying at the shot until released watching the flight all the way down. Then when it hits in the tall stuff she has started to cast into the wind to find it and will look back for hand signs.– California

Also included in the Lucky Launcher II Basic Kit is a Retriev-R-Trainer White Canvas Dummy. The dummy is comprised of foam that is covered in a water- and moisture resistant canvas material. ?The size and construction of this dummy is specifically designed to mimic a bird, and is ideal for holding scent. The aluminum insert eliminates the risk of rust while also reducing launch recoil. 

The Wadded Ammunition Blanks are superior quality launcher blanks revered by hunters worldwide. These medium load charges are designed to launch a dummy 125′ – 175′, although factors such as wind, launch angle, and dummy construction can affect these distances.


Lucky Launcher II

  • Portable

  • Collapsible

  • Lightweight

  • Realistic simulation of hunting scenarios

  • Fired from shoulder or thigh

  • Gunshot sound

  • Single handed use

  • Orange and black

  • Cast aluminum head

  • High grade aluminum barrel

  • Stainless steel firing pin with brass seat

  • E-coating sealed stock

  • Made in the US

  • 3 year warranty


White Canvas Dummy

  • Foam interior

  • Water- and moisture-resistant canvas

  • Scent inject-able

  • Durable construction

  • Aluminum insert reduces launcher recoil

  • 1 year warranty


Medium Blanks

  • Super quality

  • Launches 125′ – 175′

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