Mud River Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover
Mud River Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover

Mud River Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover





Mud River Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover – Dog Crate Cover

The Mud River Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover is perfect for the hunter who would like the same protection from wind and rain that the Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover provides, but without the insulation.

If you live in a warmer region of the country, the Mud River Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover is perfect for your foul weather needs.  This kennel cover will keep your dog dry while in the field or traveling, without the risk of overheating.  The outer material is weather resistant, and like the Dixie Kennel Cover contains pockets for all of your storage needs.  Four strategically placed D-rings can be used to secure the kennel in place in the bed of your truck.  Dual handles on top of the kennel cover make your dog’s kennel easy to move, while mesh windows with adjustable flaps maintain proper air flow.

Kenneling your dog is a necessity.  Protect your pet from tough conditions with the Mud River Bendford Uninsulated Kennel Cover.  Your dog will thank you.


  • Weather resistant exterior
  • Rubber mesh over each window
  • Velcro rings to secure window and door flaps
  • External pockets and storage areas
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Medium:  32’’L x 23’’W x 25’’H
  • Large:  36’’L x 26’’W x 26’’H
  • Large Extended:  37’’L x 26’’W x 26’’H
  • Extra Large:  40’’ x 28.5’’W x 30’’H
  • Dual handles
  • 4 side D-rings


Select Sizing:

Please measure your kennel carefully before ordering. Select the size that matches your kennel or is slightly larger than your kennel. NOTE: We find that the Large Extended is a better fit on most kennels than the Large.

Medium – 32″L x 23″W x 25″H – fits Ruff Tough Medium when taking up slack, Ruff Tough Intermediate, and Pet Porter and Vari Kennel 300 dog boxes

Large – 36″L x 26″W x 26″H – fits Ruff Tough Large, and Pet Porter and Vari Kennel 400 dog boxes

Large Extended – 37″L x 26″W x 28.5″H

Extra Large – 40″L x 28.5″W x 30″H – fits Pet Porter and Vari-Kennel 500 dog boxes


General Cautions:

•Never close all the kennel cover doors and windows at the same time — depending on your dog and various external factors, temperatures can increase more quickly than expected.

•No more than one dog per kennel.

•Mud River Kennel Covers do not provide adequate protection for your canine in the event of an accident.

•Do not leave dogs unattended.

•Use caution when pulling trailers that may redirect exhaust into the back of your pick up or topper when using a Kennel Cover.

Cleaning Instructions:

Rinse with hose and Spot treat with mild liquid detergent if necessary and simply Line Dry.

Manufactured in China.

Shop Medium Brown Bedford Uninsulated Kennel Cover by Mud River

Kennel covers are made to fit plastic crates/dog kennels. We do not warranty use of our kennel covers on metal/wire crates/kennels

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