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Paw Wash Kit – Small with Free Mitt


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Paw Wash Kit – Small with Free Mitt

Tired of muddy paw prints on your furniture, floors and car interior? The Brushless Paw Wash is your fast, gentle, and effective solution to keeping your dog’s paws clean & healthy. 

Forget fighting a hose and bucket. No more tipped over bowls of muddy water. This nifty little Paw Wash removes mud, dirt, salt and sand quickly, gently and safely. Saves floors, furniture and your vehicle’s interior. Even winter months bring snow and ice-melting chemicals that can burn and irritate your dog’s sensitive paw pads. The Paw Wash is your mess-free solution to easily clean your best friend’s paw, nails, and lower legs in seconds.

No special soaps or solutions required – simply use a few drops of your favorite pet shampoo, soap, or medication. The unique grooved hourglass design creates a vortex of cleaning solution scrubbing away dirt and mud in seconds and helps to remove bacteria and allergens. The Paw Wash is also safe to use with medications or can even be used with only water.

Because the Paw Wash is “Brushless”, there are no bacteria-holding brushes that can irritate your dog’s sensitive paw pads. And as you remove each paw, the built-in squeegee top grabs excess water and minimizes dripping. Follow the the Paw Wash with a wipe from our quick-drying, microfiber Paw Wash Mitt (now included FREE – a $7.99 value)!

Use at home or on-the-go! Perfect for traveling, hunting, hiking and trips to the beach or dog park. You can even pre-fill your Paw Wash and use the convenient snap-on top to keep water contained until you are ready to use it. Keep an extra Paw Wash by your door, in your RV, camper, or in your car or dog box.

Makes a great gift for any pooch-parent!

Easy to Use

Remove the center cap that says “Lift.” Add a few drops of your favorite pet soap (optional – some prefer to use water alone). Add water to the fill line (be sure to leave the yellow ring that holds the black squeegee in place). Insert your dog’s paw into the top opening to create the water bursting suction action by moving the Paw Wash up and down the paw. Remove each paw as the unique squeegee top helps keep excess water droplets inside. Pat the paw dry with our microfiber Paw Wash mitt. Repeat for each dirty paw (you can typically wash all four paws with one filling).


  • Cleans paws safely and gently
  • Removes mud, sand, dirt, ice-melt and other harmful bacteria and allergens
  • Helps prevent paw irritation
  • Mess Free
  • Saves floors, furniture and vehicle’s interior
  • Snap-on centerpiece allows you to pre-fill your Paw Wash before traveling
  • Simplifies cleaning between paw pads (recommended for dogs who are not sensitive to having their paws touched)
  • First patented BRUSHLESS Paw Wash
  • Natural hydraulic water action creates suction for a bursting clean
  • Squeegee top helps remove excess water
  • Small size is intended for most dogs 25 lbs and under – paw opening is approximately 2″
  • Quick-drying microfiber Paw Wash Mitt works for all sizes and is included FREE
  • All four paws can typically be cleaned with one filling in less than two minutes

In the Box

  • (1) Small Paw Wash with Squeegee top and Snap-on lid
  • (1) Microfiber Paw Wash Mitt

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