PetSafe 3V Battery

PetSafe 3V Battery


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PetSafe 3V Battery

PetSafe’s exclusive small-sized battery helps keep your pet safe and well-behaved

For PetSafe Bark Control:

* PBC00-10782
* PBC00-11047
* PBC23-10931
* PBC23-10932

For PetSafe Remote Trainer

* PDT00-10867

For PetSafe In-Ground Fence

* PIG00-10773
* PIG00-10778
* PIG00-11006
* PIG00-11007
* PIG20-11041
* PIG19-11042
* PIG22-11868
* PIG22-11869
* PIG22-11849
* PIG22-11850
* PCF-1000-20
* PCF-275-19


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