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Retriev-R-Trainer Gun Dog Kit Hand Held Launcher Gun Dog Kit

Are you ready to begin your retriever?s training as soon as possible. Save the hassle of buying each individual item required for operating the RRT Hand Launcher and instead opt for the Retriev-R-Trainer Gun Dog Kit, which contains everything you need to get started.

Included in the Retriev-R-Trainer Gun Dog Kit is:

  • Retriev-R-Trainer Hand Launcher

  • Retriev-R-Trainer White Canvas Launcher Dummy

  • Retriev-R-Trainer White Plastic Launcher Dummy with Tail

  • Retriev-R-Trainer Cleaner Kit

  • Box of 100 Vawter Medium Blanks

  • Operating Manual

  • Gun Dog Hard Shell Case

This kit has remained popular since the Retriev-R-Trainer Hand Launcher was first produced in 1965. The convenient, portable, powerful hand launcher allows you to turn any location into a training ground. With the ability to launch dummies 100 – 200 feet while also simultaneously issuing a gunshot report, this tool helps you train your gundog in less time. With aluminum insert dummies, like the ones included, hunters experience less recoil than with other handheld launchers.

The RRT Hand Launcher is easy to use and can be operated with one hand. ?Loading and reloading blanks is simple thanks to a self-closing thumb latch, which maximizes the time and attention that can be focused on dog training. ?The durable design – comprised of aluminum, stainless steel, and brass – ensures a quality product that withstands the rigors of gundog training. All materials are sourced and manufactured in the USA.

The Retriev-R-Trainer White Canvas Launcher Dummy is comprised of foam that is covered with water- and moisture resistant canvas, specifically designed to mimic the size and weight of a bird. ?The dummy holds scent well, which can be applied manually or by storing in an airtight container with feathers and wings. ?The aluminum insert eliminates the risk of rust while also reducing recoil when launched with the RRT Hand Launcher. Hunters can expect reliability from this product, which is backed by a 1 year warranty.

The Retriev-R-Trainer Gun Dog Kit with White Plastic Launcher Dummy and Tail which is comprised of thick skinned plastic foam with a water resistant PVC coating and an additional flap for a tail. ?The dummy has slight give, which helps better mimic the feel of a real bird. ?Thanks to the design, the plastic dummy can be launched twice as far as the canvas dummy, and is ideal for long distance and water retrieves. ?Like the RRT White Canvas Dummy, the RRT White Plastic Dummy also has an aluminum insert for reduced recoil upon launching and has a 1 year warranty. ?

The Retriev-R-Trainer Cleaner Kit contains everything you will need in order to clean your RRT Hand Launcher and keep it proper working order.

The Vawter Ammunition Blanks are superior quality launcher blanks revered by hunters worldwide. ?These medium load charges are designed to launch a dummy 125? – 175, although factors such as wind, launch angle, and dummy construction can affect these distances.

I have to say after years with dogs and training professionally since 1981. Competing in conformation, obedience AKC, UKC hunt test, Judging Hunt test, an avid Duck, Dove, Goose Hunter. No product is better than RETRIEVER R TRAINER.

I have Zinger Wingers and some products I will not mention that are worthless in reliability and customer service. So if you want a product that can last 40 years and anytime you need something new or new dummies this is your company. SUPER PEOPLE AND SUPERIOR PRODUCTS.

I can say they stand the test of time here at RAVE Retrievers. We are rough on products, clean rarely and maybe run over them a few times. They have had held and remote launchers. And their dummies do not blow up. We endorse this company! Thanks guys for a great AMERICAN product!

The Retriev-R-Trainer Gun Dog Kit Hard Shell Carrying Case?is blow molded can hold several dummies, boxes of blanks, and the RRT Hand Launcher. The interior of the carrying case is soft, egg crate foam that protects and stabilizes objects of various sizes and shapes.


Hand Launcher

  • Simultaneous gunshot sound

  • Reduced recoil vs. other handheld launchers

  • Lightweight

  • Portable

  • Self-closing thumb latch

  • Resistant to rust and corrosion

  • Cast aluminum head

  • High grade aluminum barrel

  • Stainless steel firing pin with brass seat

  • Made in the USA

  • 3-year Warranty

White Canvas Dummy

  • Foam interior

  • Water- and moisture-resistant canvas

  • Scent injectable

  • Durable construction

  • Aluminum insert reduces launcher recoil

  • 1 year warranty


White Plastic Launcher Dummy with Tail

  • Water-resistant PVC covered foam

  • Slight give for bird-like feel

  • Aluminum insert reduces launcher recoil

  • Launches farther than canvas dummy

  • 1 year warranty

Yellow Medium Blanks

  • Super quality

  • Launches 125′ – 175′

Carrying Case

  • Blow molded plastic

  • Egg crate foam interior

  • Holds all items in RRT Gun Dog Kit

Manufactured in the USA.

Read more about the Retreiv-R Trainer.

We recommend for safety purposes that you handle the Retriev-R-Trainer as you would any firearm.