Ruff Land Kennel Intermediate Dog Crate (300)




Ruff Land Kennel Intermediate Dog Crate (300)

Ruff Land Kennel Intermediate Dog Crate is made from high quality plastic, and molded into a single piece for added strength. This kennel will withstand the abuse of trainers, handlers, hunters, and guides.

Maybe the last kennel you will ever purchase!

Torture Testing:

The Ruff Land Kennel Intermediate Dog Crate was dropped from a height of twelve feet with no noticeable effect. After four drops the kennel showed only scratches and stains from the concrete and grass. No splits or cracks were evident. The Ruff Land Kennel was fired at with a full choke charge of number 6’s from about 15 paces, and only a handful of pellets penetrated. The rest were buried in the material, meaning it will protect your dog from stray pellets in the field.


  • Heavy Duty PE Plastic for safety
  • Metal inserts for attaching multiple kennels together or tying them down
  • Designed by outfitters and dog trainers
  • Stackable – Ruff Tough Kennels nest easily together, and can be bolted together, up, down, and sideways.
  • One Piece – Easy to clean and durable
  • Two kennels fit easily into smaller vehicles
  • All standard kennel covers will fit the Ruff Tough Kennel
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Dimensions – 22″ wide x 23″ tall x 31″ deep (300)



Ships directly from the manufacturer, usually within 1-3 weeks.

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