Dokken’s 3″ Large Canvas Bumper – Dog Training Dummy

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Dokken’s 3″ Large Canvas Bumper – Dog Training Dummy

Dokken’s 3″ Large Canvas Bumper w/Throw Rope

Before you can begin to train your gun dog using real birds, you must master marks and retrieves with bumpers or dummies.  In fact, bumpers and dummies are often considered to be the most important training tools for a young retriever. 

Canvas bumpers are preferable to many hunters because of their soft and natural mouth feel.  The Dokken canvas training bumpers come in two sizes:  2’’ diameter and 3’’ diameter, with the smaller size being perfect for dogs 7 – 16 weeks of age who are starting early.  The bumpers are also available in orange or white, with white being favorable for the young dog just starting his or her training.  The canvas can be injected with scent to make your training even more realistic and get a head start on teaching your dog to recognize your preferred game. 

Dokken canvas training bumpers are equipped with a yellow throw rope and are the ideal weight for long distance throws.  For an even more realistic look and feel, you can attach bird feathers to the canvas training bumper for an extra-exciting training session for your pup.  Canvas bumpers are great for winter training, as they will not freeze or crack in extreme temperatures.


  • Weighted for long distance throwing
  • Made from durable canvas
  • Soft, natural mouth feel
  • Durable for winter use


  • 3’’ diameter
  • Orange or White


  • Scent wax
  • Liquid Scent and Syringe
  • Bird feathers

 Pro Tip’s:

  • Use Dokken’s Game Scents for teaching dogs to trail
  • Attach wings for added excitement and a more realistic look and feel