Dokken Pro Training Choke Chain
Dokken's Pro Training Choke Chain

Dokken’s Pro Training Choke Chain




Dokken’s Pro Training Choke Chain

This is the one tool that starts it all! Obedience is the benchmark of all field / Trial work.

Dokken’s Pro Training Choke Chain for Dogs is an excellent dog training tool. Dog choke chains are an effective and humane training product when used correctly and assists in dog control.

The Dokken Pro Training Choke Chain helps you teach your dog obedience commands and leash manners. This choke chain was created for maximum strength are durable and will last for years! Choke chains are ideal for helping you control your dog while walking. A great deterrent for dogs that often chew their collars.


  • Should not be left on your dog while unattended
  • Use to train young or older dogs
  • For use when teaching the most commands
  • Currently offered in sizes 20 inches, and 26 inches.


These are high quality training collars that will last! These are the same type that have been used for years, by Pro Trainers around the world.




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