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HuntEmUp Can Opener – HuntEmUp Bottle Opener

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HuntEmUp Can Opener – HuntEmUp Bottle Opener

HuntEmUp Can Opener – HuntEmUp Bottle Opener keychains. Easily open any can or bottle with the can opener – bottle opener.

Our Flip Top Bottle Opener Keychain is not only a great way to open cans and bottles, but is also customized to feature the HuntEmUp Brand. The solid aluminum body is comfortable while opening and won’t bend or break when opening your favorite canned or bottled beverage.

Portable and lightweight, save your fingernails with this attractive opener keychain which features two mechanisms designed to pop bottle caps and flip can tabs. Split-ring is included.

Product Description:

These HuntEmUp Can Opener – Bull Valley Retrievers Bottle Opener keychains are great to have for practical purposes, like opening bottles, cans or just holding your keys. Being made from Aluminum, are made durable and will last for years. Laser etched logo will not wear off.

Available in the following colors:

  • Black


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