Roy Gonia Mega Whistle
Roy Gonia Mega Whistle

Roy Gonia Mega Whistle




Roy Gonia Mega Whistle

Do you require a whistle that is louder than the rest?? If you consistently hunt and train in wet and windy conditions, or require long range capability that other whistles cannot provide, the SportDOG Roy Gonia Mega Whistle is right for you.

The orange and black version of the Mega Whistle is the SportDOG Roy Gonia Special Whistle, encased by a megaphone for ultra-long range use.? The clear and black version of the Mega Whistle is the SportDOG Roy Gonia Competition Whistle, also encased by a megaphone.?

The megaphone design helps to direct sound forward, away from the hunter?s ears, and also to produce a penetrating tone that cuts through even the windiest and wettest of conditions.? The main difference between the Roy Gonia Special Whistle and the Roy Gonia Competition Whistle is that the Competition Whistle has a slightly higher pitched sound.? Both SportDOG Roy Gonia Mega Whistles have a cork pea that produces a trilled sound and other auditory combinations.?

If you have found that you just aren?t getting the proper range or volume with your current whistle, save your breath and switch to the Mega Whistle, which amplifies the volume without the extra effort.


  • Easy-to-blow
  • Cork Pea
  • For wet and windy conditions
  • Orange and Black:? lower-pitched sound; great for puppies
  • Clear and Black:? higher-pitched sound
  • Suited for long range blinds


  • Black and orange:? Roy Gonia Special Whistle
  • Black and clear:? Roy Gonia Competition Whistle
  • Ring for lanyard attachment



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