Medium Kennel Ruff Land Kennel – Medium (200)




Medium Kennel Ruff Land Kennel – Medium (200)

As a pet owner, sportsman or hunter, your dog is in your car, truck, or SUV often.  Is your pet fully protected?  

Medium Kennel Ruff Land Kennel – Medium (200) provide durability without sacrificing storage space in your vehicle.  The kennel is uniquely constructed from a single piece of molded plastic to maximize interior space while minimizing the size of the exterior.  The medium Ruff Tough Kennel has exterior measurements of 27.5’’L x 18.5’’W x 20’’H with interior dimensions of 25.5’’L x 17.5’’W x 19’’H.  A double door made of composite material provides ventilation in conjunction with 1’’ vent holes on the sides of the crate.  An attached handle improves portability of this 17 lb kennel.  Like all Ruff Tough Kennels, the medium version can be attached to other units of the same size, as well as tied down in the bed of a truck with the purchase of additional accessories.


  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Ventilated double swing kennel door
  • 1’’ ventilation holes
  • Built-in Handle


  • Exterior:  27.5’’L x 18.5’’W x 20’’H
  • Interior:  25.5’’L x 17.5’’W x 19’’H
  • Floor Dimensions:  25 ⅜’’L x 15.5’’W
  • 17 lbs


Ships directly from the manufacturer, usually within 0-2 weeks.

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