X-Large Kennel Dog Kennel Ruff Land Kennels




X-Large Kennel Dog Kennel Ruff Land Kennels

Ruff Land Kennels
If you are looking for a fantastic way to keep your dog safe and comfortable,  X-Large Kennel  Ruff Land Kennels (formally Ruff Tough Kennels) is the choice for you! X-Large Kennel Ruff Land Kennels are manufactured with High-Impact Polypropylene material and rotational molded to create one piece durable protection for your pet. The stylish design not only looks great, but offers built in protection from losing ventilation by being placed against another flat surface and the tapered walls will help keep its distance. These kennels are designed to allow easy entry thru narrow doorways (such as campers and trailers), making these kennels the choice for handlers and people on the go. Composite doors are standard and with the availability of the wire door adds to flexibility of use. Orders from us come complete with a FREE set of “LIVE ANIMAL” decals for immediate identification. Keep your dog safe, protected and comfortable with Ruff Land Kennels

sides makes it easy to carry through narrow doorways. Ruff Land Kennel is available with outfitted composite doors; the wire door option is also available. If you purchase one Kennel for your pet, you can enjoy free decal kennel crate. What a fantastic perk for your animal! Your travel to .your abroad can be a tremendous journey if your dog is with decal crates. All through the tour, you can have all the details about the food and hygiene of your pet. Fully customized free stickers for kennels are captivating.

Why prefer Ruff Land Kennels?

  • The engineered design and high strength polypropylene material can absorb the energy and withstand the most rigorous punishment while protecting your partner.
  • The vent holes in walls of Ruff Land kennel ensure the proper circulation of air inside the enclosure and with the tapered design, will allow ventilation even when placed along another flat surface.
  • The pattern of the raised floor creates support for your dog while riding in your vehicle or just sitting around the house.
  • The double door kennels allow for additional ventilation and access flexibility. The smooth surfaces of the Ruff Land Kennel help prevent chewing and potentially damaging the kennel itself or even escaping.
  • RLK kennel crates do not rattle or cause unnecessary nuisance noise which can be annoying while traveling in your vehicle.
  • Our Ruff Land kennels come complete with a FREE set of “Live Animal” identification decals for your pets safety!


Length: 40 1/4″

Width: 22 1/4″ at widest point

Height: 30 1/2″


Length: 39″

Width: 22″ at widest point

Height: 28″


Length: 38 1/2″

Width: 19″

Weight: Approx. 42 pounds

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