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Dogtra is based in Torrance, California and is world renowned for the quality, workmanship, and reliability of their e-collars and dog training electronics.  Regardless whether you are an amateur dog trainer, first time dog owner, or seasoned professional, Dogtra’s mission is to produce easy-to-use e-collars that will stand up to all types of training conditions.  Dogtra is guaranteed to have an e-collar that will suit your – and your dog’s – personality, as well as your budget.  Unlike other brands, options are available for a wide range of situations, from small breeds to stubborn pets to the unique requirements of sporting dogs and K-9 police animals.  

Dogtra’s line of electronic offerings is diverse.  Perhaps most well-known are their training collars, which are available with every need in mind.  Units are available for short-range work with a limited number of stimulation levels that are ideally suited for basic obedience.  At the other extreme, they produce electronic collars for long range work (up to 1 mile) with up to 127 stimulation levels.  Beeper collars are also available, and both the training and beeper options can be purchased for use with one or multiple dogs.  

In-ground electronic fencing is another offering from Dogtra.  Whether you need to contain your dog within 1 acre or 40 acres, Dogtra has you (and your pet) covered.  Expansion systems are available for increasing the amount of coverage beyond the basic system, which includes 500 ft of in-ground cable.

If your dog has a barking problem, Dogtra has an electronic solution.  Dogtra’s line of no bark collars range from basic to advanced, with numerous features designed to safely and reliably correct your pet.  

Finally, electronic sport dog training wouldn’t be complete without remote electronics for bird launchers.  Dogtra has a line of bird launchers as well as the electronics required to remotely control almost any aftermarket manual bird or dummy launcher

Dogtra is one of the most trusted names in the canine electronics industry.  As proud members of the Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association and the Partnership for Electronic Training Technology, you can rest assured that Dogtra products are manufactured with pride and integrity.  

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