Pete Rickard

Pete Rickards

Pete Rickard first developed his original scent product – Indian Buck Lure – in 1929.  

His aim was simple:  to improve his own hunting.  The key to this product’s success was overcoming a deer’s superior sense of smell.  Since that discovery, Pete Rickard’s subsequent scent products have remained popular among hunters worldwide.   

Pete Rickard’s scent products are all derived from a strong natural formula that is proudly manufactured in the United States, just as it was 85 years ago.  Hunters and trappers from across the globe have written testimonial letters in praise of these superior products.  Since the first scent products were developed, the line has expanded to include bird, waterfowl, raccoon, and rabbit scents, among others.  In keeping with the tradition of improving hunting for all sportsmen and women, training scents are available as part of training and conditioning kits for retriever and hound dogs, including everything a hunter needs to get a dog or puppy started as a hunting companion.  

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