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Garmin Dog Products and Garmin, which was founded in 1989, first made a name for itself by engineering maps and GPS systems for all modes of transportation and recreation.  More recently, Garmin has expanded its mission – which is to be an enduring company by creating superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports that are essential to the lives of their customers – to the world of sport dogs.  Their hope is to be the global leader in this market by offering products with a compelling design, superior quality, and the best overall value.   Each Garmin product is designed with the company’s ideals in mind.  They hope to achieve a culture of honesty, integrity, and respect for all, from employees to consumers.  

The Garmin sportdog products that are offered represent cutting edge technology.  There are three divisions of products offered:  training, tracking, and tracking / training combined.  

The training collars fall into one of five categories, which are guaranteed to appeal to the needs of any dog owner / trainer, from amateaur to professional.  These include the PRO Series, Sport PRO, Delta XC, PRO Control 2 Remote Receiver, and the BarkLimiter.  Each system is designed to suit slightly different needs, with the PRO Series intended for the professional or serious amateur trainer.  This system can be used with up to 9 dogs with an impressive 1 – 4 mile range, and has up to 21 levels of stimulation.  The Sport PRO is the little sibling to the PRO line, expandable up to 3 dogs with ¾ mile range and 10 stimulation levels.  The Delta XC is the ideal multi-purpose training device with numerous stimulation, vibration, tone, and BarkLimiter settings.  The PRO Control 2 remote receiver fulfills a need in this electronic world by allowing the user to sync all of his or her devices for universal control with one remote.  Finally, the patented BarkLimiter technology is Garmin’s high-tech answer to nuisance barking.

When it comes to tracking your dog, Garmin’s Astro Series provides multi dog support, advanced mapping, a 9 mile radius, GPS / GLONASS compatibility, and a custom display.  The Garmin Drive Track 70 software helps hunters keep exact track of where their dogs are heading.

The Alpha Series combines Garmin’s superior training and tracking technology into one convenient product, giving hunters the ability to correct behavior on the go while keeping close watch on their dogs.  

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