Dokken’s Dead Fowl Canada Goose

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Dokken’s Dead Fowl Canada Goose

Making the jump from bumper retrieves to larger game can be difficult, especially for a young dog. ?The Dokken DeadFowl Goose Trainer helps to overcome this problem, while also giving your young dog confidence in handling larger birds.

The Dokken DeadFowl Goose – like the entire DeadFowl line – is made to look and feel like a real, dead, bird. ?There are four goose varieties available from Dokken: ?the Canadian Honker Goose, the Speckled Belly Goose, the Snow Goose, and the Blue Goose. ?Each individual goose is appropriately colored to resemble the bird. ?

The body of the DeadFowl Goose is composed of soft, natural feel foam that can be injected with the appropriate scent. ?The head of the DeadFowl Goose is free-swinging from the body and made from hard plastic. ?The feet are also realistically modeled from plastic. ?This design ensures your dog picks up the bird?s body while discouraging shaking, which will result in a hard hit on the nose by the plastic head. ?

The Dokken DeadFowl Trainer Goose is larger than the other DeadFowl Trainers, helping you train your dog for hunting this relatively enormous bird. ?Additionally, the DeadFowl Goose floats in water, ensuring you can train in the proper conditions. ??


  • Realistic design

  • Scent-injectable foam body

  • Durable

  • Floats

  • Hard, free-swinging head prevents shaking

  • Canadian Honker Goose

  • Speckled Belly Goose

  • Snow Goose

  • Blue Goose



  • Made in the USA

  • 24?? long

  • 3.5 lbs